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  • cytronen trafficking is in her blood. her mother ran the business before she did, but died when illaria was 21. (might’ve been ~suspicious? idk yet)
  • very good with her hands. will sometimes even perform transplants herself if people pay a high enough price. 
  • much less forgiving than her mother ever was. it’s turned into a repo! kind of thing. if you can’t pay within the allotted time, illaria will get her goods back one way or another. 
  • has the money and means to become fully synthetic but hasn’t done it yet. most cosmetic and internal work has been done though. 
  • strives for perfection, and this is probably the main reason she isn’t synthetic. believes she should separate herself from human emotions first before she finishes the process.
  • has a reputation for being extremely cold and ruthless, but also runs her business as clean as it can get. her success rate is pretty high. bitches get stuff done.
  • weirdly protective over the people that work for her. almost a mama bear, only without the nurturing part. she’s demanding and expects the best, but always acknowledges good work.
  • will need her homies!! surgeons, repossessors, muscle, buyers, you name it!!


do androids dream?  [listen] - electrical wires run like veins under silicone skin. but who’s to say they aren’t truly alive? (this mix follows an a.i. as it starts to discover the range of human emotions - namely love - until it can no longer function.)

i. breathe - télépopmusik // ii. the son of flynn - daft punk // iii. intro - alt-j // iv. metropolis - kraftwerk // v. genetic world - télépopmusik // vi. human - ellie goulding // vii. intriguing possibilities - trent reznor & atticus ross // viii. between two points - the glitch mob ft. swan // ix. bride of deluxe - cliff martinez // x. bloodflood - alt-j // xi. reflections - daft punk // xii. sweet dreams (are made of this) - emily browning // xiii. hand covers bruise - trent reznor & atticus ross

alias: willow

timezone: arizona (we don’t believe in dst yo)

do androids dream of electric sheep?: idk but i sure do dream about harrison ford circa blade runner

members of the life ruiner’s club?: scarlett johansson, gemma arterton, lupita nyong’o, godfrey gao, aidan turner, zoe saldana, lea seydoux, natalie dormer, maggie q, christina hendricks, aaron paul, imogen poots, sebastian stan, loooord there are a lot more

kind of characters you wanna play?: synthetics that try to separate themselves from human emotions/behavior, ppl that care way too much about everything, someone denying the fact that they love their bff and silently pining away like an idiot

kind of plots you wanna play out?: EVERYTHING???? misfit families that shouldn’t fit but rly do, codependent twins/friends, criminals/scum of the earth kinda thing uwu

ooh baby, baby. gif it real good.:




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name: willow

timezone: arizona

fav faces (if any): imogen poots, gemma arterton, kit harington, lupita nyong’o, natalie dormer, godfrey gao, holliday grainger, aidan turner, scarlett johansson

dream plot(s): codependent rangers that can only really talk in the drift uwu. kaiju harvesters, super cutie + super grump, things that make me want to rip my heart out.

apocalypse action plan: join up with one of the local biker gangs (there are a lot out here) and just be hella rad.

prompts yay or nay: ye

gif yerself: image

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name/alias: willow
arizona (we don’t believe in dst so we get our own timezone)
favorite types of plots:
plots that make me wanna throw myself off a cliff uwu
which ‘push’ power would you want?:
shifterrrr. or a pusher. i’d get that $$$
gif that describes you:

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supersymmetry 2.0 coming soon to jcink!

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name/alias: willow
timezone: arizona
favorite kind of plot: the ones that make me want to rip my heart out
what kind of ‘push’ power would you want to have?: SHIFTER god i would buy so much stuff with my fake money
a gif that describes you:

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